about me...


Hi, my name is Markus.

I was born in Wuppertal in 1966 and started photographing before my study of economics and communication design.

I believe that everyone and thing has a soul. To find this soul and to transport it trough my pictures is my absolute motivation.

To concentrate on the essentials I reduce most of my pictures to black and white.

If you like my photos and want to purchase one of them don't hesitate to contact me. My productions are made by the best manufacturers this planet has seen.

Due to this you can see my works in several exhibitions or in international magazines.

Works for:

MUSTANG Jeans, Mario TENSPOLDE, MIZUTANI Scissors, NAGANO Rough, NUDIE Jeans, DRDENIM, Knowledge Cotton Apparel, BLAUMANN Jeanshosen, Timeless Leather, frogga, Corinna Gutjahr Coaching, JNC, Five Fellas Denim, KUROKI Japan

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